Nowadays, GIS technologies have been applied to diverse fields to assist experts and professionals in analyzing various types of geospatial data and dealing with complex situations. No matter in business, education, natural resources, tourism, or transportations, GIS plays an essential role to help people collect, analyze the related spatial data and display data in different formats. Our GIS applications services include:

  • Mapping and Routing Solutions

Our experts create routes over base maps (Google, OSM, Bing, Here) or custom maps, which depend on various road networks. We also offer customized ‘restrictions data', which helps in the creation of optimized routes. We have a prestigious clientele, from the Digital Transportation Industry as well as on-demand.

  • Indoor Positioning Systems

Be it any warehouse, high-rise building, or a hospital, indoor positioning has a lot of benefits. Our analysts help organizations locate objects or people inside buildings by interpreting acoustic signals, radio waves, and magnetic fields on mobile.

  • GIS Application Development Services

We integrate GIS mapping services with your infrastructure, helping you generate geo-statistical reports based on the signal readings. At Fervent Technologies, we enable users to capture, store, analyze geographic data, thereby using it to make changes in the organization or manage it.

  • Location-based Services

We provide easy ways or clients to make use of location data and manage web & mobile applications. The most interesting part, our services also enable you to activate push advertisements whenever a customer passes your location. In addition, it also alerts you when any person or object exhibits any action within or outside your geofence.

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GIS Applications are of a great benefit to the following sectors :-

  • Business.
  • Education.
  • Natural Resources.
  • Mapping and Charting.
  • Geospatial Intelligence.
  • Government.
  • Health Services.
  • Public Safety and Crime Control. 
  • Tourism.
  • Transportation.      

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