Today’s top fleet management software products are powerful, versatile and agile enough to meet your needs as your business grows., we have scalable, effective fleet management software that will help you make the most out of your fleet as you seek to maximize your budget and improve efficiency and safety.
Whether you run a fleet of tow trucks, utility trucks or service vehicles, you need to know that your vehicles are where they are supposed to be and your drivers are using those vehicles safely and efficiently. You also need tools to help maintain your vehicles well, so you can get the most long term use from your fleet. GPS fleet tracking software provides all of these benefits and more, helping you run an efficient, safe and effective fleet.
Fervent Technologies telematics software is advance fleet management software. It improves fleet efficiency. Make Smarter Decisions with Extensive reports and real time dashboard information about your vehicles Our System is designed to communicate with wide range of GPS devices models we are open to integrate any type of device with large Variety of reports are available and still we are open for any customization
Monitoring of all vehicles on one single platform.  Detailed dashboard helps you to know the real – time positioning of vehicles with different reports. Over 20+ management reports. Our vehicles GPS Tracking reports provide fleet owners with a powerful tool to increase billing and reduce costs.

Some Key Features that will make your business more effective.
1)    Track your vehicles
    Real Time Tracking
    Effective Fleet Control
    Instant Alerts
    Fuel Monitoring
    Driving Behavior
    Evaluation Of Drivers Performance
    Schedule Maintenance Task
    Geo Fence
    Route Optimization
    Safe Vehicle Renting
    Over Speed Alarm

2)    Graphical representation of

    Distance
    Duration
    Alerts
    Personal Graph
    Schedule Graph

3)    Dashboard overview
    Trip Summary Report
    Stoppage Summary Report
    Driver Summary
    Alert history
    Travel/Stop Chart
    Service Reminders
    Driver performance report
    Speeding Alert
    Speed v/s Distance
    Idle Summary Report

4)    Get Alerts on your IPhone or Android devices via email, mobile app and SMS
5)    Run on any platform- Adaptable on any device and browser you like to use.
6)    Support multiple languages
7)    Support Additional Hardware – Camera, I button, UHF Reader, RFID, Temperature Sensor
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