Land Management Solution

This service base solution is a great help for the local government to manage an accurate inventory of real property, describe who owns the land, analyse land value and associated improvements, and maximize tax property revenue. Location-based intelligence will always help to local authorities to plan effectively while urban development planning. At Fervent Technologies, we have a team that is experienced in the developing application information system for different sectors. We offer consultancy to public and private sectors helping them from initial planning till final environmental analysis.

Asset Management System

The relationship between Asset Management Systems and GIS is growing stronger and more important, GIS provides the means to gather, analyze, and manage data. It provides the ability to store and maintain attributes of assets such as spatial location and condition status. Utilizing GIS maintained information, you can track operations and maintenance to the asset level. Our solution will help the organization to do the analyze and compare the many types of assets to find relationships, patterns, and problems. The solution will minimize risks and maximize performance while managing cost and resources for both fixed and moving assets.

Geo Marketing Solution

Location data is proven to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by up to 80%. This has a lot to do with relevance. Geomarketing lets you take relevance and personalization to the next level by marketing to your customers based on a combination of historical visitation behaviour. Numerous business decisions raise spatial questions. Geomarketing software allows you to conduct a comprehensive market and data analysis. The spatial information enables you to recognize relationships. The strength of the geo-marketing solution lies in the spatial analysis of different data. The results of a geo-marketing analysis help with the rationalization and objectification of decision-making processes.