Asset Management Solution

Asset management solution: Railways, Oil and Gas, Utilities

In the current business environment, the importance of asset management solution has increased to a great extent. The process of asset management solution includes tools and techniques that can help manage the cost of business. It is needed to optimise the business procedure. For instance, while planning rail infrastructure, all the activities including maintenance, machine, material renewal ad track system development are performed. The process is not only needed to be carried out for the entire lifecycle but at the same time, consequences of the activities are also required to be measured for stakeholders, operators and government bodies on a regular basis.


In the current time, Low growth and ageing infrastructure have increased the demand for a more robust system that can help in fulfilling the needs of customers. There is a lot of pressure on conventional management maintenance system. Same is true for other areas such as electricity, oil and gas management system. These systems require a more business-like response at the part of the management. Not only technical facilities are needed but cost and performance control is also in demand. Fervent technologies help you to stay current to the latest system by adopting a more business-like attitude. We assist you to place focus on an approach that is cost and time effective resulting in improved performance of utilities. We also assist you in following the strict requirements imposed by the government for infrastructure management.


The relationship between Asset Management Solution and GIS is growing stronger and more important, GIS provides the means to gather, analyze, and manage data. It provides the ability to store and maintain attributes of assets such as spatial location and condition status. Utilizing GIS maintained information, you can track operations and maintenance to the asset level. Our solution will help the organization to do the analyze and compare the many types of assets to find relationships, patterns, and problems. The asset management solution will minimize risks and maximize performance while managing cost and resources for both fixed and moving assets. With the features of smart maps and dashboards to achieve a holistic view of their assets will increase Location intelligence that will enhance day-to-day operations such as inspections, maintenance, and investment planning.


– Smart maps and visualizations to perform asset tracking and analysis, they help their organizations reduce errors; save time; and make informed, data-driven decisions.
– Increase inventory accuracy by using modern data collection apps.
– Track asset condition and performance in real-time throughout the life cycle.
– Share status updates quickly and seamlessly with the field and office.
– Forecast maintenance costs and needs to improve reliability.
– Asset management solution manage customer expectations.