Geo-Marketing Solution


Geo marketing solution help in optimizing market development procedures through controlled dissemination and management of the geographic system. Geomarketing allows you to analyse your markets and visualize your company data on a different scale. It is a tool marketer use to determine strategies and create campaigns—a method of handling data that creates powerful and actionable insights into the market environment. This data is used and analysed on digital maps with the help of a Geographic Information System. Geo-marketing is the use of location knowledge to frame marketing efforts, using digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision-making. The digital map allows marketers to analyse data by geographic region. Geomarketing gives your company answers to regional questions. Spatial data is key. Geomarketing allows you to analyse your markets and visualize your company data. This is how geo-marketing supports the planning, implementation and reporting of market activities. The primary areas of application for geo-marketing systems are expansion, sales, marketing and reporting.

Why Geomarketing Solution

Location data is proven to boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by up to 80%. This has a lot to do with relevance. Geomarketing lets you take relevance and personalization to the next level by marketing to your customers based on a combination of historical visitation behaviour. Numerous business decisions raise spatial questions. Geomarketing software allows you to conduct a comprehensive market and data analysis. The spatial information enables you to recognize relationships. The strength of the geo-marketing solution lies in the spatial analysis of different data. The results of a geo-marketing analysis help with the rationalization and objectification of decision-making processes. Enrich your company data with coordinates and information on markets and target groups. This increased value and potential uses of your data and generating new information by editing existing geodata and company data. The analysis methods and models used can be individually adapted to the company. The great flexibility of geo-marketing software allows your application to perform a wide variety of services. Geomarketing can be used in the different phases of the decision-making process, like assessing potential locations, analyse store locations, find possible alternatives for branch locations, Plan regional marketing and sales activities.

Our Geomarketing solution provides various benefits to the organisation to serve different needs

1) Location Analysis and Expansion-

With the right geo-marketing software you can assess the potential of a location and its environment based on your individual location factors. The results help you to quickly assess real estate offers and the quality of their location. Geomarketing uses scoring models to allow you to compare locations objectively. The relevant location factors are standardized and a score is created for each location. This allows you to evaluate the profitability and future viability of the branch locations. Geomarketing analyses help companies to achieve the best possible branch network with optimal customer-store allocation. The goal is to plan a nationwide network that enables customers to shop without having to travel long distances. Location-allocation models help achieve this. Gravity analysis makes location-specific sales forecasts possible based on individual location and attractiveness factors. In this way, geo-marketing helps you with your location analysis. It is helpful for Location Analysis, Analyse and Compare Branch Locations Optimize and Restructures Branch Locations, Create Revenue Forecasts

2) Analyse Markets and Customers

Geomarketing analysis with industry-specific market potential data allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of branch locations and sales territories at a glance. It identifies areas where you can find your relevant target groups. GIS software visualizes and evaluates the areas on a map. The spatial analysis of the competition is an essential part of any market analysis. Competition analyses help to correctly assess your own sales potential and successfully manage regional sales activities. Its help to find out Analyse Market Potential, Identify Target Groups, Visualize Customers and Revenues, Competition Analysis

3) Plan and Control Sales

Companies use geo-marketing to plan or change their sales territories in the shortest possible time. The criteria for territory planning can include market potential, sales, number of customers and size or accessibility of the territories. Geomarketing enables regional sales reporting based on KPIs. Customer, sales and territory data are combined in your geo-marketing software and visualized on maps. You can do Sales Territory Planning, Regional Sales Reporting

4) Media Planning

Geomarketing helps to spatially identify your target audience based on their characteristics. Then you can choose the media that will offer you advertising with low scatter losses at an optimal cost in the right areas. Conduct your regional marketing only in the actual catchment area of your branch or retail locations. Geomarketing tells you exactly where it is. If your shop is stationary and online, then your marketing will also be cross-media. Geomarketing helps to spatially identify the market potential of the various sales channels and control it with a cross-media approach. With our geo-marketing solution, you can effectively do Reach Target Groups Without Scatter Losses, Optimize Regional Marketing, Spatially Control Cross-media Campaigns.