Land Management Solution


Nowadays in developed countries LIS (Land Information system) has a central role in handling important GIS assets. With LIS tools a timely integration of workflow with the provision of clear and transparent strata data is done.  The land information system is useful for state and local authorities to undergo resource management by tracking data. Property managers can manage resources and information according to the need of different stakeholders. This information can be reported in all phases on metrics.

Problem Definition :

Complexities in the national asset management have rendered the old land management system vulnerable. New technology is needed in work structure that can help to streamline workflow. When there is no holistic and proven solution that can aid cyber-secure land management the chances of misconduct increase. LIS techniques should be tailored in a seamless way keeping in view the need for a specific system. Now there is a need of data management system that can be approved and registered online. Here, local teams and GIS person must closely work and allow extensive knowledge exchange.


This service base solution is a great help for the local government to manage an accurate inventory of real property, describe who owns the land, analyse land value and associated improvements, and maximize tax property revenue. Location-based intelligence will always help to local authorities to plan effectively while urban development planning. At Fervent Technologies, we have a team that is experienced in the developing application information system for different sectors. We offer consultancy to public and private sectors helping them from initial planning till final environmental analysis. We are capable of developing a solution like this from the root level, we are expert in GIS data collection, Data processing, Data Analysis and developing final solution.

  • Managing land portfolios and assets.
  • Reporting land values and viewing land value trends.
  • Conducting exploration and mine expansion analytics.
  • Managing permitting and environmental compliance.
  • Managing land acquisitions.
  • Conducting reserve tracking and logistics analytics.
  • Secure Land Titles
  • Cadastre/GIS Data Management
  • Document Management
  • Notify Property Owners
  • Recover Tax Revenue