Fervent Technologies with their partner works with leading navigation solution providers to build and provide world class navigation products onto car embedded systems, mobile phones / tablets / internet based solutions etc. These solutions can run on iOS, Android, Windows, QNX, Linux, Tizen and a host of other proprietary operating systems. As part of the navigation solution offering we offers

Maps and data Compilation services for legacy navigation engines.

This is the conversion of data provided by global/local maps suppliers into a physical format that can be used by the navigation engine. Currently there are thousands of maps navigation processes across the world where updates of maps are required. It is very cumbersome and tedious to convert the raw maps data to formats. We can rapidly scale the conversion and delivery of the database in the compiled format using existing compilers and making necessary modifications. Over course of time the data structures also change and we can support the change in the database structures to aid in faster delivery and rapid deployment.


Flashing SD card services for various navigation engine providers along with compiled maps database.

Various hardware / tier 1 / navigation engine / mobile phone companies struggle to flash thousands of SD cards and it is a tedious and cumbersome process. We have an OEM certified process and facility that can be used to flash thousands if not millions of SD cards with media onto it. Once flashed the cards can be shipped globally to any end customer/distributor / partner.


Navigation Engine with global or locally sourced maps as applicable.

We work with leading European Navigation Company to help build world navigation products. Keeping in mind the requirement of today’s customer, the navigation product has been designed keeping in mind various complexities such as:
2D/3D map rendering, Single line search (for various kinds of input strings), Predictive search, UI/UX workflow settings using SVG, Multi Modal routing, Advanced Efficient routing, One touch deviation to nearest POI, Alternate routing, Multi-swipe touch with fluidic rendering of vector graphics, 3D Terrain model, Artistic cartographic rendering, Live traffic support with incidents, Integrated routing using traffic data feeds, Multiple global languages, Volume control in app independent of hardware volume, Social integration with Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, Email.., and Highly customizable for integration and UI/UX


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