SEELIVE : A solution for making over spillage a thing of the past


  • Inefficient service delivery
  • Janitors are uninformed about the locations they should take on priority
  • Irregularity increases fuel cost of trucks
  • Over spillage is a public nuisance and an eye sore
  • Breeding ground for diseases
  • High incidence of health hazards
  • Economy of business affected

So, if you thought that overflowing garbage bins are merely a blot on the landscape, think again! Increasing population and urbanization means that the amount of waste generated will only rise in the future; thus calling for ‘smart’ ways to solve the crisis. Subsequently, an efficient functioning service can lead to a strong financial performance.

Therefore, informing bin handlers before the containers overflow can help streamline your economic activity! And this service can be provided by SEELIVE- a one-of-its-kind sensory hardware in the world.


  • Completely wireless operations
  • Robust weather proof and non-corrosive enclosure
  • Lightweight and easily mounted to any container type
  • Routes are serviced only when needed
  • Overspills, overfills and emergencies are eliminated
  • Fuel cost drop significantly
  • Volume per mile driven increases
  • Trucks wear and emissions are minimized
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Customers and communities are happier